About Southern Environmental Medicine Center

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The current prevailing medical model in most practices is to name and treat symptoms. At Southern Environmental Medicine Center, we strive to find the source of the illness in our patients to heal them for the long term and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Getting to Know Our Holistic Health Patients

Extensive history-taking and evaluation is always our first step. We take the time to listen to your symptoms and go into great detail with each. Following this, sophisticated diagnostic testing allows us to look deeply at your body’s unique biochemistry. Equally important is the knowledge and experience in the interpretation of your results, so that an individual treatment plan for environmental and holistic health treatments can be developed.

Addressing the Cause of the Illness

If you struggle with chronic health problems, in all likelihood, you have already seen three or more doctors and are on multiple medications. We can help find the underlying basis of your illness to get you back to your vibrant, healthy self as soon as possible.

In addition to advanced testing to find and treat chronic illness, the focus is also on maintaining and increasing overall fitness levels and good health and nutrition. We want all our patients to retain their youthful vigor and work on enhancing their day-to-day life. This can have tremendous benefit in both physical and mental fitness.

Atlanta Natural Health Clinic

Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

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