Breast Cancer

Southern Environmental Medicine Center is one of only a handful of clinics in Atlanta that offers a specialized test that detects a woman's risk for breast cancer. As explained by Dr. Susan Tanner on an episode of the Atlanta & Company show, breast cancer is preventable even in patients with a strong family history.

Breast cancer is often times the result of how a woman's body processes hormones. Specifically, the hormone estrogen. In some women's bodies, estrogen is broken down into a substance that protects breast tissue. In other women's bodies, unfortunately, estrogen is broken down into a substance that actually stimulates or encourages tumor growth in fatty tissue.

The KEY to preventing breast cancer is to find out which body type you have and if you are at risk for developing breast cancer. Imagine being able to stop breast cancer in its tracks. The test is a simple, painless urine analysis. Further, if you are identified as being at risk, Southern Environmental Medicine Center has a breast health and wellness intervention plan that may decrease those risks.