Patient Testimonials

I suffered from 10+ wild symptoms over a five month period in which I went to over 7 doctors. It was debilitating and I could barely make it through the day. All the blood and urine tests from the "traditional doctors" came back fine. I even had a full body scan and brain MRI to find out what was going on. NO doctor could diagnose my problem. It was not until I worked with Dr. Susan Tanner that I finally found out my problem and how to fix it. She has helped my sister's autistic kids for years, helped out a nephew and even helped out our son many years ago who was having behavioral issues. I can tell you that she is the most knowledgeable doctor that I have ever come across. Being an M.D., she not only can help with traditional medicine, but she understands nutrition unlike anyone I have ever met. I truly believe she saved my life! She is truly amazing!

- Mike R.

For years, I suffered from various medical problems that no physician had been able (or willing) to diagnose. Dr. Tanner was not only able to diagnose my problems, but she successfully treated each of them. What I realy like is that she intelligently incorporates conventional and complimentary medical treatments. I later took my elderly, chronically ill mother to her. After IV detox and other treatments, Mother improved dramatically. Her regular internist commented that he had not seen her than well in 13 years! "Whatever you're doing, keep it up!" he said. 

- Katherine D.

What makes Susan Tanner a very unique doctor? She listens! And she is willing to think outside the proverbial box. She is able to combine nutritional supplements with cutting edge technology and traditional medicine when needed and give you the best of both worlds. I have a daughter who is 20-years-old and has spent most of her life with abdominal pain. Our gynecologist recognized that she probably had PCOS but thought she might also be gluten intolerant. Her psychiatrist recommended that we have her food allergy tested through Metametrix, and we found Dr. Tanner by calling Metametrix and asking for doctors that used their services in our area. For the first time in her life, after seeing all sorts of doctors and naturopaths, our daughter is finally responding to the treatment program designed by Dr. Tanner.  She needed more than traditional medicine alone or nutrition alone or natural health practitioners alone could provide. Our daughter had a unique combination of food allergies, exposure to mold in her environment, a vitamin B12 deficiency and a bacterial infection in her gut. It has been a journey toward health, not a quick fix, but at every fork in the road, Dr. Tanner's care and insight and wisdom have helped us get healthier. Not only has our daughter improved but my husband and I have also been blessed with better health as we have let Dr. Tanner fine tune our thyroid and address our hormone issues.

- Elesa B.