Our Services

Our Services for Atlanta Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Susan Tanner and her team provide the following services at Southern Environmental Medicine Center:

  • Diagnostic testing targeted at finding the root causes of chronic illness
  • Environmental evaluations and recommendations for keeping toxic exposures to a minimum
  • Nutritional counseling for particular dietary needs
  • Education to help patients understand both the causes and resultant treatments of their conditions

Use of Specific Modalities

Provocation/Neutralization Allergy Testing

This is a technique taught by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and is remarkable in what it can reveal.  Traditional food allergy testing in Atlanta is notoriously inaccurate in its ability to pick up the subtler forms of allergic response.  This also gives us a method to reduce or eliminate these reactions by starting either under-the-tongue drops or tiny shots that patients learn to administer themselves.  Reducing these reactions takes a burden off the adrenal system, decreases fatigue, and supports the immune system.

Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy

Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy (LDA or LDI) is a new medical option we began offering in December, 2014.  The results have been astounding as we give hope to those suffering from seasonal allergies, inhalant allergies to animals or mold, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, yeast/candida issues, and even inflammation from bacterial sources such as streptococcal infections, Lyme disease, and Crohn’s disease.  Allergen mixtures are given by intradermal injection (or sometimes sublingually) every 7 weeks to start out.  Over time, the effect of the therapy lasts progressively longer, and the injections can be spaced further apart.  The goal is to retrain the immune system to restore TOLERANCE to various antigens.  LDA requires no long or expensive testing to find out what specific allergens are causing the symptoms.  At SEMC, we are seeing patients rediscover energy and life as the LDA gradually improves the immune system’s response to allergens.  We will continue to offer Provocation/Neutralization as a treatment option, but while this older method does provide a way to manage symptoms, we find the actual healing effects of LDA to better fit the Environmental Medicine philosophy of treating the root cause of the ailment.


Detoxification is the process of aiding or allowing the body to rid itself of accumulated burdens. Depending on the patient, these may arise from acute exposure to chemicals, toxins or mold, or they may be a lifetime of accumulation from our increasingly toxic world.  There is a genetic link to how much an individual can tolerate, but in general, most people respond favorably to the removal processes.

These processes may be as simple as dietary restrictions and restructuring with nutritional supplementation or as complex as induced sweating in a sauna, nutritional intravenous therapy, and food allergy treatment.  It all depends on the history of the patient and results of the specific testing that we do.

IV Nutritional Therapy

Some patients are so severely deficient in micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) that IV vitamin therapy is necessary to quickly get them feeling better.  This is an extremely safe procedure, and because these nutrients are introduced directly into the bloodstream, any gastrointestinal absorption issues are bypassed.  Many patients feel some improvement right away.  Specific formulas are also helpful in encouraging elimination of sequestered toxins in the body.