Truth about Fad Diets


While starving yourself and eliminating certain foods or entire food groups may lead to a sudden weight loss it is not good for your overall health. While on a fad diet you may find that you feel sluggish all the time, you're less mentally alert and basically you feel run down. There are times that dieting can alter your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.

Even very minor food allergies can become a problem if you're suddenly eating much more of a certain food than you are used to. Proper nutrition is vital to keep your body healthy, and the best way to maintain that balance is to eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods, drink plenty of water, and limit portion sizes. You should receive a full evaluation of your health before taking on any diet program. A visit to your Atlanta natural health clinic can alert you to any special health considerations you may have as well as provide guidance concerning your diet and weight loss needs.

Depression and Anxiety

Holistic doctors in Atlanta, Ga. understand how following a fad diet can be tough on you mentally. The deprivation of certain nutrients along with the fatigue that dieters may feel can lead to depression. Additionally, putting yourself on a treadmill of dieting fads can affect your feelings of self-worth because while there is a rapid weight loss, the dieter may find the eating plan difficult to maintain for long periods, leading them eventually to gain back the weight, increasing their anxiety levels and encouraging a sense of failure. In the most severe cases this can lead to serious eating disorders.

Studies show that at any given time over 40 percent of American women and over 20 percent of men are trying to lose weight. While you may want to find a quick fix for that extra five or 10 pounds before a special event, it's necessary to apply common sense to your methods.

The best way to keep a great figure is to eat a balanced, nutritious diet all of the time, encouraging the proper intake of all the foods and vitamins that your body needs to perform well. If you pay a visit to a clinic like Southern Environmental Medicine Center, they can tailor a diet that can help you gain control of your weight while developing a program that is sustainable for your busy lifestyle. Southern Environmental Medicine Center is a premier Atlanta natural health clinic that is committed to patient care among adults and children using integrated medicine to improve the body’s overall wellness through treatment, nutrition and fitness.