Weight Loss Failure

Weight Loss Failure... Sometimes it IS a glandular problem!!

One problem that seems to accompany so many other conditions is the issue of weight gain. Patients feel that they are eating less, yet gaining more and more weight. Their best efforts thwarted, they begin to feel more frustrated and depressed as they fail to drop pounds.

There are many different culprits that may be sabotaging these efforts. One is the progressive loss of thyroid function. Sometimes, the gland itself may be functioning normally but how the thyroid hormone is received into the cells of the body impairs metabolism.

Improper balance of the sex hormones also can impair weight loss efforts, in both men and women. Excessive estrogen relative to the amount of progesterone causes mid-body fat gain and may occur more frequently after a pregnancy or as premenopausal changes in the body occur. In males, we are finding many younger men with lower than expected levels of testosterone. Testosterone not only creates more muscle mass, and by doing so increases metabolism, but also improves overall well-being, both mentally and physically.

A surprising fact many patients find is that they have hidden food allergies. These are not the types of allergies that necessarily cause the life-threatening reactions that we hear about in the media, but are lower- level reactions that cause hormonal changes from the adrenals, and subsequent weight gain.

The good news is that all of these factors are identifiable and able to be treated and modified. It does take some work and effort on the part of the patient, but once they know what to do and are given the proper information and support, hormones and dietary information, they are successful in their efforts!