What are Healthy Cooking Alternatives?

Mayonnaise or Sour Cream


A wonderful alternative to using either mayonnaise or sour cream in your recipe is to substitute both with non-fat Greek yogurt. The consistency is very similar, but you will reduce the amount of fats and calories, as well as add some protein to your meal.




Avoid white flour; instead, use whole wheat flour in baking and other recipes. Whole wheat flour has more nutrients, including lots of fiber. Make sure you check your recipe for the adjustment ratio because whole wheat flour is denser than white. Environmental clinics in Atlanta, Ga., also suggest using whole wheat pasta to add more substantial ingredients and nutrients to any pasta dish.




Reducing your intake of red meat can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. An easy fix is to replace ground beef in your diet with ground turkey. Next time you whip up a pot of chili, grill some hamburgers or make spaghetti and meatballs substitute leaner, healthier ground turkey and you will love the results.




Dairy products do offer benefits that you will still want to include in your healthy diet but use skim or low-fat milk to reduce the fats. According to Atlanta natural health clinics, it is even better stick to almond, soy or rice milk for more benefits.




Often you will find that whole eggs can be replaced with egg whites to reduce the fats and cholesterol in a recipe. Most of the times you would use two egg whites to replace one egg with the yolk. If you are substituting for egg yolks, be sure to take into consideration the requirements of the recipe, sometimes you need the yolk to get the best results.


Bread Crumbs


A great substitute for bread crumbs would be rolled oats. Loaded with fiber, vitamins, healthy carbohydrates, making a great coating for chicken or as the binding ingredient in your favorite meatloaf recipe.


Salad Dressing


Many salad dressings contain mayonnaise. It's a shame to cover that gorgeous healthy salad with fats, oil and unnecessary calories. Instead use Greek yogurt or extra-virgin olive oil with added vinegar, herbs and spices.




If you have a craving for something sweet, reach for some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has less fats, calories and sugar than milk chocolate and has some antioxidants. Another bonus is that dark chocolate is often richer and has more intense flavor than other chocolates.


By taking the time to look over your menu and see where you can substitute healthy alternatives in your cooking you can reduce your family's intake of fats, sugars and calories. Many times you can make subtle changes that will have a lasting impact on your overall well being. For more information on healthy eating alternatives, contact the Southern Environmental Medicine Clinic, where their staff of holistic doctors in Atlanta, Ga. can offer a personalized plan that won't take away any of those flavors you love.